What we do

As the front page says, we build robots. Not real ones of course, we’re not that cool. These are software robots also called automated processes.
Using RPA tools like UiPath or BluePrism and test tools like LoadRunner, we create these automated processes to emulate human activity on SAP and associated systems. They’re built for our clients to help them do things like:

Performance test their SAP system so they can understand how it will perform when thousands of users start using it on Monday. (We can also say how it will look the Friday afterward.)

Use Process Automations to free people from carrying out boring, repetitive tasks. This saves time and money as well as reducing errors. We can also create and run automated regression test packs, saving time in test cycles.

If you want to talk about how our automations can help you, please contact us.

Who we are

We are based in Chania, Crete because it’s a nice place to live. The weather is sunny, the sea is warm, and we can spend Friday evening relaxing over dinner while the sun sets into the sea. If you ever visit, get in touch, we’d be pleased to show you around.

We work with you remotely because we want to live and work in the same place. The tools are there to allow this and our experience shows us that it can be done. Some of the team have clocked up a fair bit of business mileage over the years and think both we, and the planet could do with a rest.

In the office, we are a mixture of Old Hands and Bright New Things. The Old Hands tell the youngsters how to do the work and in return, the Bright New Things show the seniors how to do it ten times quicker. It’s a working relationship that represents our mixture of innovation and tradition.

For the even longer answer or just a restaurant recommendation, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How we do it

Our name is not a random selection of interesting words or even a fearsome portmanteau of attributes that we’d like you to think we possess. Instead, it expresses two concepts that are central to our thinking.


Atelier is the French word for a workshop of an artist or craftsperson. We chose the name after spending time in France and seeing these studios filled with exquisite objects made with care and attention. We recognised the approach, as it’s how we approach our work. And so we took it for our name.


Nuage is the French word for cloud. As cloud computing changes how data is stored and accessed we wanted to change how consultancy is accessed. We wanted to create “anywhere consulting” that meant our skills would be available globally without the need for the effort (or cost) of travelling. So we did.